XR Start-Up Connect: European Kick-Off

30.03.2021 15:00 – 18:00 Uhr,

XR Start-Up Connect, our new innovation platform invites XR Start-Ups, corporates, investors and accelerators to join our next event on March 30rd. Get ready for latest XR innovations to be presented by fantastic XR Start-Ups.

In our first keynote Jorian Bos from EIT Digital will explain how and why his organisation is offering free digital strategic services supported by the EU-organ the EIT (European Institute for Technology and Innovation) and their mission to grow "A Strong Digital EU" by improving EU's technology-level. EIT Digital finds and validates the best, stable EU scale-ups that have proven solutions for corporate digitisation in a diversity of approaches.
The second keynote aims to explain the intrinsic relationship between one of the hottest terms in the computer science market right now, edge computing, and the XR environment, particularly regarding both holography and VR architectures, supported by the developments made in the Charity and Accordion H2020 consortiums.
Afterwards the Start-up Pitches will start.


15:00 Welcome

15:05 Keynote: EIT Digital - A European digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation| Jorian Bos, EIT Digital

15:30 XR and Edge Computing | Yago González Rozas, Plexus Tech

15:50 Start-up Pitches


The year 2020 taught many valuable lessons to B2B businesses about adapting the modern communication and sales tools and start moving on from the traditional methods. 3D manufacturing simulation was one tool that helped the manufacturers and consultants to communicate and plan the production strategies remotely in times when traveling seemed to be quite a risk. To improve this experience further, vr-on has partnered with Visual Components to bring 3D manufacturing simulation to a real-time 3D conferencing platform: STAGE now live-streams the simulations from Visual Components for improved project collaboration.


Expivi is an online 3D product configuration platform for better visualization, communication and sales. Whether you want to configure a simple pen or a complex building, with Expivi’s Innovative 3D technology, you are able to visualize, customize and quote any product with all possible options and without limitations inside any browser, even in VR.


OmniBot’s conversational AI platform allows companies and developers to easily build advanced and individual voice assistant and chatbot interfaces into any IoT, VR, web and mobile application with maximum data privacy and security.

Infinite Foundry

3D industrial digital twin platform that virtualizes production in 3D and in real-time to remotely monitor and solve manufacturing problems, improve production efficiency, and provide virtual reality training to improve factory worker ergonomics.


oculavis GmbH emerged from the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology and RWTH Aachen University and is based on Europe's largest research campus. The company wants to digitize manual processes by using Smart Glasses and other wearables.


Das Projekt "XR Startup Connect" wird durch das Ministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Wohnungsbau Baden-Württemberg unterstützt.

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