Jaunt shows off new augmented reality 360-degree full body selfies
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Jaunt shows off new augmented reality 360-degree full body selfies

Jaunt made its name as a creator of 360-degree videos and cinematic VR experiences. But under new management, the company has shifted its focus to supplying mixed reality technology to other companies. Today, it‘s showing off some of the cool research it has been doing in volumetric capture, such as creating 360-degree digital avatars for augmented reality applications.

Jaunt developed AR volumetric capture selfies for their XR platform which is a B2B software solution for their partners. The volumetric capture technology is going to be released to Jaunt's platform in the fourth quarter. Volumetric capture (as captured through the six-camera rig) makes it possible to film a subject from a 360-degree perspective, then output an avatar that matches the subject’s appearance, movements, and vocals in the form of a shareable, to-scale, augmented reality asset.

With the 360-degree selfies, companies will be able to improve storytelling and creating intellectual property. Jaunt uses a simple capture stage with a streamlined setup and leverages the same streaming technology it developed for delivering high-quality VR and AR experiences. The technology is pretty easy to use and the distribution tools are prefect for companies which need an efficient way to add cutting-edge immersive content to their media strategies.

This R&D investment signifies that Jaunt is now more focusing on building business-ready solutions for idea sharing than focusing on cinematic VR.


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