InfoPro Kick-off meeting held in Stuttgart region

InfoPro Kick-off meeting held in Stuttgart region

Virtual Dimension Center Fellbach, Lead Participant of EURIS sub-project “InfoPro” hosted last May 4th and 5th in Fellbach, the sub-project’s Kick-off meeting, with the participation of Pro-Akademia, Zala county Foundation and Technical University of Eindhoven., image source: VDC Fellbach)

InfoPro targets the information processing needs of Innovation Stakeholders and Innovation Networks, aiming at improving the impact of the information and data shared and exchanged, by the transfer of best methods and tools, in order to ultimately promote the ability of the participating Innovation Networks to support their members to innovate in a more effective and open way.

To that end, the partners agreed in Fellbach the method for the delivery of four regional reports and a comparative report on the available methods for information processing within regional networks.

Resulting reports, to be available by October 2011 will also include conclusions from regional surveys to be conducted on the current needs on this field of regional Innovation Stakeholders which will allow to elaborate regional and comparative SWOT analysis on the regional achievement, leading to the identification and exchange of Best Practices on the underachieved topic areas from 2012 onwards and to the delivery of policy recommendations on this field.

Partnership agreed to hold next meeting on Poland, to be hosted by Pro-Akademia on October 21st, 2011.

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