Looking Glass Factory - Looking Glass 8,9 " Display



Technische Daten

  • Easy Setup
  • Easy plug and play with USB and HDMI cables.
  • Icon showing Full-color, stereoscopic 3D scenes
  • true 3d
  • Full-color stereoscopic 3D scenes that feel as real as our world.
  • Real-time Rendering up to 60fps
  • 60fps
  • Updates 3D scenes at up to 60 frames per second in real time.
  • Icon indicating device support for 45 views
  • Group View
  • 45 perspectives to see 3D from multiple angles at once.
  • Icon showing Unity, Unreal, Three.js, and Blender icons
  • No Friction
  • View your content as holograms without any headsets.