VR Expo 2017

October 13th.-14th., 2017, Gerber, Stuttgart

On October 13-14 2017 the first VR Expo took place in Stuttgart in : the exhibition, which revolved around virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR), took place in the Gerber department store in downtown Stuttgart and delighted around 700 visitors - including trade visitors and buyers. The pictures from the two days of the exhibition give an impression of the successful premiere.The organizers are satisfied with the start of their VR Expo: On Friday, October 13th and Saturday, October 14th, 700 visitors tested numerous virtual reality applications from the fields of automotive, architecture, construction, entertainment, marketing and sports. For some it was a whole new feeling to move around in the virtual world and ride a bike there or configure a Porsche. For the others who came to the upper floor of the Gerber department store as trade visitors, what counted most was the contact with other companies in the VR sector and the exchange of ideas about new, future-oriented technologies.

"The two exhibition days of the VR Expo have shown us that there is strong interest in a trade fair for virtual reality in the Stuttgart area," says Dr. Christoph Runde, Managing Director of VDC Fellbach. “Stimulating discussions were held and new contacts were made. Some visitors have never had the opportunity to get an impression of virtual technologies and were able to do so at the VR Expo. Looking back - including one or the other feedback discussion - we can say that it was a successful premiere, with which both exhibitors and visitors were satisfied. This lays the foundation for VR Expo 2018.”

The VR Expo was supported by the Innovationsagentur (MFG), Daimler AG, Bahnprojekt Stuttgart-Ulm e.V. and the SAE Institute.