The digitization of planning and development processes (digital product development, digital production planning) is of vital importance for all manufacturing companies with sufficiently complex products - regardless of the size of the company. Extensive preliminary simulations and visualizations can avoid costly mistakes in development and keep development processes competitive. Baden-Württemberg has precisely these industries with highly complex products in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, plant construction, aerospace and other relevant industrial fields.

In the context of the project "Digitallotse" in particular small and medium-sized companies are getting informed about new business opportunities, they are provided with information and contacts in the field of digitized development processes and kept up to date on trends in the fields of virtual reality, augmented reality and digitized development processes.

The Digitallotse project is being implemented with the support of the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing Baden-Württemberg.

Information Processing

Progress in the field of engineering grows and changes rapidly. Virtual Engineering, too, is constantly evolving. We perform continual research in this dynamic market, ensuring that we provide accurate and up-to-date information and trends assessments in simulation and visualization technology.

It is particularly difficult to obtain information which is both current and reliable in turbulent environments such as that of Virtual Engineering. Therefore we carefully collect, document and file market research, position papers, analyses and up-to-date information on relevant technologies and events. We provide members with this specialist knowledge via a knowledge data base, which our members can access online. We also publish selected information in our monthly newsletter.

Our website and intranet is a platform for smooth information exchange between various participants in the network. Our events serve as an informal part of our communication platform. We provide various education and training opportunities, including seminars, workshops and conferences on the topic of Virtual Engineering.

Funding Management

Virtual Engineering is a key technology for product development and manufacturing engineering. Nevertheless, further research and development are still necessary: new application areas, scientific foundations, integration requirements and user-centered design all require intensive preparatory work. Governmental institutions which fund research and contribute significantly to new developments include: the EU as well as federal, state and regional projects.

We support our members and partners in the acquisition and management of public-funded projects, allowing our network partners to concentrate on their core development and research strategies.

We constantly alert for new calls for proposals so that we can inform members about funding opportunities for research, product development, match-making, employment and events. We do this from our own initiative, on request and by our biannual funding newsletter. We support the proposal application by operative means (e.g. coordination), with text content, by finding project partners and by guiding communication between funding agencies and project sponsors. Within a research project we handle the project management, accounting, dissemination of project results (technology transfer) and extrapolation. In some cases we advise funding organizations on relevant fields of future funding.


Gaining a high market profile is essential for any business hoping to succeed. Being an approved Center of Excellence in Virtual Reality and Virtual Engineering, VDC supplements our members' own communication activity with our own target marketing. As well as raising awareness of Virtual Engineering technology itself, we aim to increase the awareness our members' and partners' and improve their reputations.

Virtual Engineering is a key technology in the future of all manufacturing industries. Part of our mission is to ensure that decision-makers, for example influential people in politics, are aware of this. We are actively promoting Virtual Engineering technology via various marketing channels in our public relations campaign, making it better known and understood by the public. Information events, newsletters and press releases are just a few ways in which we publish news such as project results.

We actively support our members in EU and national-funded projects with the significant task of publicising results. In addition to traditional media, including the press and web marketing, we use social media such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It is essential for all companies to communicate innovations, new products and services. To this end we offer our members the opportunity to publish their news on our website. In addition, partners and members can publish events such as workshops, seminars and conferences on our online event calendar. This information is also sent to subscribers of the monthly VDC newsletter, many of whom are decision makers and experts in the field of Virtual Engineering.

We are also involved in numerous committees and technical work groups who work to support the interests of our members.


The search for project partners, service providers or specialists is often complex and time-consuming. We help our members and partners to find the right contacts for their needs and projects; the importance of which is expressed by our motto: "Added value by networking".

We focus on direct, personal contact with our networking partners. We take time to speak with clients in person to provide them with the best-suited contacts inside and outside of our network. Our product and project data base keeps records on hardware, software and methodological solutions.

Amongst our expertise you can find numerous users, experts and researchers who specialise in the field of Virtual Engineering. Contacts to meet your needs are easy to find using the three axes "Target Industry, Technology and Services". We also hold numerous specific events, special interest groups and have set up a business roundtable in order for clients to interact with professionals.

In addition, we are able to supply businesses with international contacts and also support their recruitment systems with our career web portal for students, graduates and professionals.

Technology Transfer

Visualization and simulation technologies play an important role in many business areas such as product development and marketing communications. It is, however, particularly challenging for SMEs to implement and use new Virtual Engineering technology and to this end we support them with our expertise and experience. We see ourselves as an instrument for economic development, specializing in a new key technology.

By using 3D Fitness Check, scouting and initial consultation, we support SMEs in the use and implementation of advanced visualization and simulation techniques. With years of experience in this field together with our team of experts we can quickly identify challenges and promptly find solutions. The 3D Fitness Check is an online questioinnaire which enables SMEs to assess their 3D potentials and their demand for 3D. The 3D Fitness Check is free and anonymous. The corresponding report describes the strengths, potentials and limitations of the use of 3D CAD and Virtual Reality systems. We offer expert advice in the use of 3D-CAD, simulation methods and Virtual Reality.

SMEs are invited to our technology workshops to gain access to Virtual Engineering know-how and the opportunity to talk to experts. Our demonstration center is open to anyone who wants to test and use Virtual Engineering technology.

We release current news on our web portal and in our monthly newsletter. Further information can be accessed through our office.


The project Baltic Virtual within the BSR Innovation Express program aims to establish cooperation and exchange with the BSR area in the field of virtual engineering, thereby promoting the internationalization of SMEs. The goal of the project is a close cooperation between the VDC Fellbach and Visual Sweden. The cooperation includes benchmarking and matchmaking activities, information exchange and the organization of exchange programs/ international trips. Further networks will be scouted and involved to the project activities.

Service offers

Within the project the following services are offered:

  • Delegation trips to the project partners in Sweden and Denmark
  • Market and technology exploration trips to leading trade fairs and events for V/ AR with related event reports
  • More information available in English
  • Extended information offer through exchange with the project partners
  • Promotion of German-Swedish cooperations

VDC - Demo Center

A picture is worth a thousand words - and a live performance more than 1000 pictures. The Virtual Reality and Virtual Engineering Demonstration Center is one of the tools for technology transfer. Various hardware and software demonstrators are on our site and permanently accessible. In addition, it is possible to arrange dates for special demonstrations by VDC members in our rooms.

As a member it is also possible to rent the hardware for several days.

Furthermore the VDC is working on a concept to assess V/AR hardware and share the evaluation reports with their members.