Working groups

At the VDC there are various working groups on industry, application or technology topics:

  • Virtual Engineering in Process, Apparatus and Plant Engineering
  • VR in Construction
  • CAE / Calculation
  • Composite Simulation
  • GEO Applications
  • The teaching of VR
  • VR in Medicine and Medical Technology
  • Virtual Aircraft
  • Virtual Commercial Vehicle
  • Forum Lightweight Construction in Production
  • VR Textile Technology


Our topic platforms and working groups have the following 5 objectives:

1. Exchange of experiences, gathering of technical information, trend lectures

2. Getting to know each other, company visits of the participants

3. Joint contact initiation and visits

4. Self-marketing of the working group, public relations, publications, events

5. Joint research funding applications, R&D cooperations

Participation requirements

Participation in the working groups is open to members, partners and associated companies of the VDC. A one-time participation is also possible for non-members!

Accession information