Members of our network benefit from our full range of services. Not only do they receive our strong support but they also benefit from the opportunity to cultivate contacts to other members and partners. The benefits of membership are beyond basic support. Membership also includes access to the extensive know-how of our exclusive VDC knowledge data base. More than ninety companies and research institutions are already members of our network.

  • Membership gives you the right to vote in the association. As a member you can put forward requests and proposals and you will be incuded in any important decisions made by our network.
  • You gain access to our intranet and knowledge data base. There you can find research studies, analyses, a calendar and the latest information on methodology and technology.
  • You receive our biannual funding newsletter. Inside you will find information tailored precisely to the needs of our members. We can support your application and project management.
  • You have access to our modern equipped demo center at discounted prices. There you can arrange meetings, conferences and workshops.
  • We communicate your services, your events and your news. You have the opportunity to promote your company on our website, newsletter and at our events.
  • We offer periodic roundtables where you can network with other members.
  • We support you in recruiting specialists and in further Virtual Engineering training.
  • We support you in event organization.
  • We do match-making for you - tailored to suit your needs


Because innovations often happen at contact points of different technologies, we love to work together with other networks and cluster organisations. The VDC offers others networks to associate themselves with the VDC to ensure long-term, sustainable co-operation.

  • We co-operate at the intersection of our networks' core topics.
  • We organize common events.
  • We identify our respective members' interests and integrate them into common activities.
  • We consider each other in consortia building for public funded (research) projects.


Our Partner Program is aimed at industrial users of Virtual Engineering. This free program is an attractive alternative to the enrolment as a full member in our network. A partnership in our network provides relevant knowledge and basic support in the field of Virtual Engineering. Partners and members benefit from each other and therefore from the membership within our network. The partnership offers many benefits to clients, particularly smaller companies. Partners in the VDC network will receive the following services:

  • We keep you up-to-date in the field of Virtual Engineering.
  • You are invited to our work groups.
  • We offer periodic roundtables where you can exchange information with other members of our network
  • When we formulate research proposals, you will be considered as a potential project partner.
  • You will get our biannual funding newsletter containing interesting calls for proposals.
  • We communicate your events and your news to other members.
  • We promote your company in promotional material, on our website and at events.