Auralization, 3D-Acoustics & Audio Simulation

Acoustics is the study of sound and its propagation. In virtual environments, acoustics play an important role: they can significantly increase the virtual presence of the user. Spatial sounds allow the user to locate objects and perceive their own movement. The challenge in designing virtual, auditory environments is the consideration of the entire signal transmission path (air, room environment, trunk, pinna, inner ear canal) from the source of noise to the eardrum. One of the most important applications of acoustics, in addition to the research and reduction of noise, is the effort to evoke a sense of harmony or to transmit acoustic information. In addition, the use of sound for diagnosis or technological purposes is an important application of acoustics.

Areas of application

  • Information transfer
  • Increase of presence
  • Localization of objects
  • Perception of own movement
  • Noise research
  • To cause euphony
  • Sound for diagnosis
  • Aeroacoustics, hydroacoustics, electroacoustics
  • Technical acoustics
  • Room acoustics and building acoustics: buildings and the sonication of audience areas
  • Vehicle acoustics: interior and exterior noise of vehicles
  • Musical acoustics
  • Psychoacoustics: Sound perception, subjective assessment of sound
  • Phonetics: speech processing and communication
  • Audiometry