Tracking, Eye Tracking, Motion Capturing, Face Capturing

Tracking systems (or position sensing systems) are needed to detect the user's position in an immersive VR / AR environment or the extremities of the user (such as an input device). Position detection is mandatory for multi-channel projection systems, for all types of HMDs and hand held displays. The following methods are used for tracking: transit time method (ultrasound, GPS, optical gyro), spatial scanning / optical methods (outside-in, inside-out), inertial systems (mechanical gyro / gyro, acceleration sensors), mechanical systems (articulated arm, cable, exoskeleton), phase difference, direct field measurement (electromagnetic, geomagnetic field, gravity) and hybrid approaches (combinations that integrate accurate but slow systems with fast, inaccurate ones).

Areas of application

  • Position detection
  • Head tracking for perspective calculation
  • Creation of motion parallax
  • Capture interaction devices (e.g. flystick)
  • Navigation
  • Object manipulation