Virtual Reality for Rescue Services and Disaster Relief

Avoiding and managing accident and disaster scenarios is a multi-faceted task that includes leadership, organization, logistics, and mastering traditional and state-of-the-art equipment. Training applications, including group training, therefore play a central role in this application. At the same time, simulation models such as mass phenomena, flood patterns and the spread of pollutants have become so good that they allow reliable predictions that can improve the status quo.

Areas of application

  • Virtual safety analysis of existing buildings
  • Virtual safety analysis of existing plants
  • Safety planning
  • Simulation weather scenarios
  • Simulation fire
  • Simulation flooding
  • Simulation of pollutant spread
  • Signs
  • Escape routes, emergency exits
  • Blockades escape routes
  • Training incident diagnosis and correction
  • Training and assessment rescue teams
  • Disaster reconstruction