Virtual Reality in Plant and Process Engineering

Plant engineering is a technical business field whose goal is to realize technical systems. Plant engineering covers the various technical disciplines of process engineering, power engineering, supply engineering, production technology, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. The divergence of cost determination and cost development in the plant planning is a special challenge here, since project duration and project complexity can be extraordinarily high. Different lifecycles of product and plant require the adaptability of the means of production and highly integrated planning.

Areas of application

  • VR as an integration platform
  • VR as a communication platform
  • Documentation & Knowledge management
  • Basic Engineering
  • Authority planning
  • General construction
  • Variant planning
  • Virtual inspections
  • Incident & accident considerations
  • Design support
  • Detail Engineering
  • Simulation in 3D models
  • Ergonomics, usability, NVH
  • Safety technology, accident protection
  • Construction & Retrofit
  • Commissioning
  • Training and qualification
  • AR process support in operation
  • Revamp & Revision

VDC-Whitepaper "Virtual Reality in Plant Engineering": Link

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