Virtual Reality in Mining, Oil & Gas industry

The global demand for raw materials is growing every year. The global importance of mining is therefore increasing steadily. Increasingly high development costs constantly require improved - thus safer - prospecting methods. Planning phases must be completed quickly and without errors. Increasing degrees of mechanization and automation in mining as well as ever lower tolerance thresholds in occupational safety and health bring new qualification requirements. Man-machine interfaces of highly complex mining machines have to be designed user-friendly.

Areas of application

  • Orientation planning: VR-based prospection
  • 3D analysis exploration data
  • Comparison of mining methods
  • Safety technology: escape routes, protective measures
  • Mining planning
  • Material flow: flow rates, bunker systems
  • Infrastructure planning: weather / electrical / mechanical engineering
  • Technical planning: device selection, total integration
  • Commissioning: employee training
  • Training maintenance
  • Training control technology

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