Virtual Reality in Mechanical Engineering

Companies in mechanical engineering have to do the balancing act of being able to offer customer-specific solutions on the one hand while keeping an eye on the variance for rationalization reasons. One means to an end is to build a modular product structure based, for example, on a single machine bed. An enormous complexity can be mastered, however, when it comes to reconciling specific structures in interaction with electronics and software. Especially in the production of "batchsize 1" the need to carry out extensive virtual prototyping increases in order to avoid unpleasant surprises until commissioning and maintenance.

Areas of application

  • Virtual design prototypes: design, aesthetics
  • Digital Mock-Up, virtual Mock-Up
  • Analysis simulation data structural mechanics
  • Stiffness, shock loads, vibration analysis
  • Analysis simulation data fluid mechanics
  • Heat exchangers, electromagnetic fields, hydraulics
  • Spread of emissions
  • Thermal design, thermal analysis
  • Usability testing: understandability, usability, ergonomics
  • Manufacturability: all manufacturing processes
  • Assembly and disassembly
  • Logic, control, mechatronics, HiL (product)
  • Service, maintenance, repair, operation
  • Disposal
  • Planning assembly systems, robotics, workplace design
  • Automation technology, material flow systems
  • Planning logistics
  • Safety technology & Safety at work
  • Qualification
  • Equipment design
  • Documentation
  • Factory planning

VDC-Whitepaper "Virtual Techniques in Special Machine Construction": Link