Virtual Reality in Commercial Vehicle Construction

Due to its peculiarities, the commercial vehicle sector has many boundary conditions and tasks that suggest the use of a digital prototype, the virtual commercial vehicle. This includes long product development periods, coupled with a constantly changing environment of user requirements, varying laws and environmental regulations. Very high complexity in development, production, operation and service has to be transported to world markets despite all language and culture barriers. Partly enormous size with small, even fluctuating quantities require the most careful planning, but on the other hand complicate training possibilities. The effects of vast numbers of variants and widely varying product types with the accompanying varying levels of assembly and operations have a high impact on production. Supply and service are also affected by this variance. The main applications of the virtual commercial vehicle can be found today in development, production, training, marketing and sales. In addition, there are conversions in tele-tasks and in entertainment.

Areas of application

  • Virtual development
  • Styling, design, interior
  • Calculation visualization
  • Ergonomics
  • Testing assistance systems
  • Testing human-machine interfaces
  • DMU and servicablility
  • Factory planning
  • Assembly planning
  • Design manufacturing processes
  • Training
  • Driving and handling
  • Service
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Variant management
  • Sales configurators
  • Tele-applications
  • Entertainment

VDC-Whitepaper "Virtual Commercial Vehicle": Link