Virtual Reality in Building trade & Architecture

In construction and architecture, there are numerous fields of application of virtual techniques, from small scale, for example in interior design, to building and district planning. The techniques can be applied in the project development and the planning of the structures, as well as in the operating, rebuilding or dismantling phases.

Areas of application

  • Digital inventory, construction in existing context
  • Mixed data processing
  • Building Information Modeling
  • 3D visualization
  • VR as an integration and communication platform
  • Virtual planning
  • Infrastructure planning, media systems
  • Planning general construction
  • Parametric and semantic engineering
  • 3D simulation climate, light
  • Virtual sampling, virtual inspections

Generic topics:

  • Technologies today & tomorrow
  • Data availability
  • Processes & Working methods
  • Costs, market, business models
  • Qualifications
  • Society & History
  • Law & Politics

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