Virtual Reality in Aerospace

The aerospace industry is faced with the challenge of developing and building very complex products, some of them of enormous sizes, with zero fault tolerance. The competitive pressure also requires efficient production. This also includes new materials whose behavior and production characteristics are to be intensively researched. The operation, maintenance and repair of aerospace products must be optimized in terms of safety, ergonomics and efficiency. In order to be able to consider all these aspects from the early stages of product development, methods of virtual engineering are suitable tools.

Areas of application

  • Product development
  • Product design
  • Design studies
  • Cockpit evaluation
  • Simulation in product development
  • Manufacturing planning
  • Factory / assembly planning
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Telepresence / teleoperation
  • Process support via augmented reality
  • Training inspection & maintenance
  • Flight simulators
  • Analysis of simulation and measurement data
  • Visualization of large amounts of data

VDC-Whitepaper "Virtual Techniques in the Aviation Industry": Link

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