Virtual Reality in Marketing & Sales

Marketing challenges today include mastery of global markets, customization, exploding product variants, staging of large / heavy / complex / future products, cross-media marketing and multi-channel marketing, rapid product changes, and related product changes, shortening the time-to-campaign, differentiating it from the competition, communicating hidden (perhaps technological) competitive advantages and increasing customer expectations regarding presentation / visualization.

Areas of application

  • Virtual benchmarks
  • Virtual store / product / package
  • Real-time 3D visualization product
  • Real-time 3D visualization packaging
  • Virtual customer dialogue
  • 3D configuration
  • Collaborative 3D environments
  • 3D sketching
  • Virtual engineering
  • Development of variants
  • Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) for print, web, PoS, digital signage
  • Virtual sell-in
  • Virtual training

VDC-Whitepaper "Virtual Techniques in the Marketing Process": Link

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