Factory Planning

Factory planning can refer both to the re-establishment of a factory operation, as well as to the expansion or modification of the existing operation. Because of the high complexity of a factory operation, factory planning includes architecture, building planning, production plant planning, plant layout planning, personnel planning as well as factory organization tasks. Factory planning is thus essentially concerned with the re-planning or modification of a factory operation. It is therefore sometimes called factory plant planning. Factory planning is a task that is often performed by specialized departments in modern industrial companies. This task is also one of the long-term tasks of work preparation. There is a large number of specialized companies that carry out this multi-faceted activity independently or on behalf of an industrial enterprise [source: Wikipedia].

Areas of applications

  • Planning factory building
  • Planning production facilities
  • Planning machines and plants
  • Planning transport and storage facilities
  • Arrangement planning
  • Interaction in the context of the entire production process
  • Re-planning of production sites at a new location
  • Location determination

VDC-Whitepaper "Virtual Techniques in Factory Planning": Link