Virtual Reality in Design, Styling

Design usually means concept or shaping. Design is based on people and their diverse needs. These needs range from physical and psychological needs to the requirements of the human mind to the physical environment. Design does not just follow self-imposed rules and intentions, but must deal primarily with the interests of those groups or people who should be useful to the design. This is design and the designs are above all purpose-oriented. In design theory, the term functionality was coined for that. In the traditional view, the beginning of a development process is the analysis of the found and the requirements of an innovative concept. The analysis is followed by the concretization of a concept. The concept of the designer already defines initial ideas for the nature of a system or object.

Areas of application

  • Immersive freeform sketching
  • Virtual clay with haptic support
  • Integration construction, simulation, CGI
  • Material choice: physical samples
  • Involving customers: market research with digital design prototypes
  • VR tools CAVE and Powerwall for design evaluation

VDC-Whitepaper "Immersive Design": Link

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