Wall Colmonoy (UK) gelingt beim ersten Versuch erfolgreiche Simulation mit ESI ProCAST

"Wir haben viel Zeit in die Recherche verschiedener Virtual Prototyping Software-Unternehmen investiert. ESI war letztlich unsere erste Wahl, da ESIs Software unseren Anforderungen am besten entsprach. Die Einführung von ESI ProCAST macht es uns möglich, unseren Produktentwicklungsprozess zu optimieren, neue Produkte entsprechend schneller zu liefern und unsere Fähigkeiten erweitern." Michael Shreeve, Process Improvement Engineer - Wall Colmonoy Limited

Before utilizing simulation software, Wall Colmonoy Limited (WCL), based in Pontardawe, South Wales, UK, used to leverage their engineering manpower, and brainpower, in order to produce perfect castings. Not only did running physical trials consume valuable time and resources but it did not guarantee they would achieve a defect-free part in the end.

Wall Colmonoy is a leading global materials engineering group of companies engaged in the manufacturing of surfacing and brazing products, castings, and engineered components across aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, mining, energy, and other industrial sectors. WCL manufactures precision cast components, predominately by investment and sand casting.

By introducing ESI ProCAST into their part development process, Wall Colmonoy Limited (WCL) has been able to manufacture their casting right the first time; an objective they strive for every time. They no longer consume time and resources making physical prototypes on the shop floor. Instead, they validate and optimize the manufacturing process before hitting the shop floor.

(Quelle: ESI Group)

(Bildquelle: ESI Group)